International Centre for Bioresourses Management (ICBM)

Dr. S. Sujatha, Co-ordinator

Malankara Catholic College
Mariagiri, Kanyakumari District, Tamilnadu




  • Identification and Utilization of Bioresourses
  • Technology development for optimal utilization
  • Manpower development
  • Establishing linkages -National and International
  • Providing consultancy services
  • Technology Transfer
  • Capacity building


Thrust Areas


Agriculture: Tissue culture, medicinal plants, coir pith compost, Vermi compost.
Fisheries and Aquaculture: Habit enhancement, aquaculture of selected species of fish and shell fish, ornamental fish culture and cage farming in fresh brackish waters.
Biodiversity: Biosystematics, Bioprospecting, Biodiversity conservation.
Environment management: Pollution, Biomagnification, Remedial Measures.
Natural Products Chemistry: Natural products for cure of diseases in aquatic organism.


Allied Areas of Relevance

Consultancy services, Redundant data baseTie-ups, Research projects, Consultancy/Training Programmes.

" Transformation of society through human resources. "

" Excellence in value based Education and Research for the development of human resources. "

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