Modern and well furnished accommodations are provided for girls separately with excellent mess facilities. Women’s hostel is run by D.M sisters.


Contact Number:      Rev. Sr. Dhanya Chacko (+91)-9442336243

Contact Number:     Rev. Sr. Lucy Francis (+91)-9585114778






1.      Admission is offered to girls only.

2.      The applicant should be accompanied by her parent or guardian at the time of admission.

3.      The period of admission in the hostel is only for one year. The right to readmit a student rests with the authorities. Readmission will be permitted only if the character and conduct of the student is good.

4.      Students are asked to strictly adhere to the timing for the different meals of the day. However, if any student unable to report to the mess hall on any day or for any meal, she shall keep the warden and the mess personal informed.

5.      Hostelers are strictly forbidden to take visitors inside the hostel. Only the permission mentioned in the admission form shall allowed to visit the hostelites.

6.      Hostelites shall not receive visitors in the parlor without the prior permission of the warden directly or indirectly.

7.      Visitors are not allowed after 6 p.m.

8.      Hostelites are allowed to go home only for the second week end. They could go home on Friday/ Saturday/ evening and shall return to the hostel either on Sunday before 6p.m. or on Monday before 8.30 a.m. failing they should bring their parents with them. However, if they wish to go on other days their parents should submit a written requisition  and also undertake to take their wards and bring them back before 6 p.m. of the day

9.      Hostelites will not be permitted to go to their friend’s house or for shopping. They should purchase the necessary things when they go home or request their parents/guardian to bring them when they visit them.

10.  Disciplinary action will be taken against the hosteliteswho go home without the written permission of their parents/guardian and also severe action will be taken against the students if they do not attend the classes regularly.

11.  Students should dress modestly and neatly. They should not wear nightgowns out of their rooms; especially when they visit parlor.

12.  Hostelites are informed to keep their room, surroundings and toilets clean. Waste materials should be put in the waste boxes. Wet clothes should not be aired inside the room

13.  No hostelites should enter the kitchen or give order to the cooks or servants. If there is any complaint or grievance, it can be reported directly to the warden.

14.  Hostelites must bring their own mattress, mosquito net, bucket, mug, plate and tumbler (steel) cutlery etc. and other toiletries.

15.  Hostelites are cautioned to keep their money and other valuable things under lock key. Hostel authorities will not be responsible for the goods and money lost by them. However, in case of loss of anything it should be reported to the warden

16.  Students are not allowed to use mobile phones

17.  All other time is meant for studies. Strict silence should be maintained during study. Room lights should beturned off by 11.00 pm

18.  If any hostelite falls sick she should see that the warden is informed of her illness in time

19.  Those who wish to discontinue stay in the hostel should give one month’s notice in writing before the end of academic year. Any person who desires to vacate the hostel in the course of the month shall pay the fees for mess and rent for that whole month.

20.  All requistions to leave the hostels are to be submitted in the previous day before 10.30 p.m. except in case of emergency.

21.  Hostelitesshould be very careful in the use of electricity and water, if carelessness if found, fine Rs. 500 will be charged against them

22.  All the hostelites are invited to attend  the common prayer. Catholics are advised also to attend Holy mass every day

23.  Any hostelites guilty of gross misconduct, disobedience to the hostel authorities and violation of hostel rules will be dismissed form the hostel.

24.  Incoming telephone call are entertained between 8.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. emergency call from parents/Guardian are attended and intimated to concerned student aroung the Clock Cell phones are strictly prohibited inside the Campus. Fine for Rs. 500/-will be owned by those who found with cell phone.

Out time & Intime: 5.30 A.m. – 6.00 pm / If needed



For more details and Admission contact

            Rev. Sr. Lucy Francis

            St. Mary’s HostelMariagiri,


            K.K. Dist 629153

            Tamil Nadu

            Mob. No: 9585114778


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