Vision :

To provide business awareness to students and prepare them to confidently face the challenges and dynamic evolution of business.


Mission :

To create entrepreneurs and leaders of the modern business sector.


Objectives :


  • To provide students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills that will enable them to hold responsible, managerial and administrative positions.
  • To open learning avenues for students through quality education, industrial collaboration and experts' contribution.
  • To provide practical knowledge to students through different programs like group discussions, case analysis, presentations, simulations and computer applications.


About the Department


The department of BBA was started on 14 - 06 - 2017 with 35 students. This program aims to help students develop their knowledge of business and improve their leadership skills through various management programs.




" Transformation of society through human resources. "

" Excellence in value based Education and Research for the development of human resources. "

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