Department of Psychology

Vision :

“To impart effective education with respect to scientific ideals of human attitude and mind”.


Mission :

“To create professional experts who serve the global society".


Objectives :


  • To cultivate skilled psychologists and counsellors.
  • To develop research activities in the department.
  • To frame a society with good mental health and attitudes through ideals of psychology.


About the Department


  The Department of Psychology bloomed at Malankara Catholic College in 2021. The major aim of the department is to train students in exploring the human mind, consciousness, behaviour and their personality in scientific way. The career opportunities for the psychologists are multiple in several areas. The qualified faculty members of the department encourage the students in conducting research on human psychology and personality.




Programs Offered


  • B. Sc. Psychology

" Transformation of society through human resources. "

" Excellence in value based Education and Research for the development of human resources. "

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