Discipline and Antiragging Committee



  • To maintain peace and order among the students
  • To inculcate healthy measures in students


    Dr. N. Suresh Singh (HOD Computer Applications)   Mobile:-(+91-9486663335)


    Assistant Coordinator:

    Mr. A. Raja (Director of Physical Education)  Mobile:-(+91-9843462929)



  • Rev. Sr. Dhanya Chacko (Superintendent)  Mobile:-(+91-9442336243)
  • Dr. M. Regees (HOD, Department of Mathematics)
  • Mr. G. Ravi Selvakumar (HOD, Department of Computer Science)
  • Dr. K. Sunitha Kumari (HOD, Department of Biochemistry)
  • Dr. W. A. Manjusha (HOD, Department of Biotechnology)
  • Mrs. G. Vijila Helen Mary (HOD, Department of Microbiology)
  • Fr. Antonysamy (HOD, Department of Social Work)
  • Dr. Gibin(HOD Department of Physics)
  • Dr. G. R. Sunitha (HOD, Department of English)
  • Dr. J. Shyla (HOD, Department of commerce)
  • Dr. M. S. Sheela (HOD, Department of Chemistry)
  • Dr. Satheesh Herbert Singh (HOD, Department of Geology)
  • Dr. Lenin John (HOD, Department of Business Administration)
  • Ms. Sruthi (HOD, Department of Psychology)
  • Dr. Remya(HOD, Department of Mass Communication)
  • Dr. Vijaya Shoba (Librarian)
  • Mr. Jose Prasad Godwin (System Administrator)
  • Mr. Suresh (Lab Assistant, Department of Microbiology)
  • Mr. Ananth (Lab Asst. Bio Chemistry)

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