Campus Ministry, Malankara Catholic College, Mariagiri



               We are all on a spiritual journey. Learning to listen to that true voice within us is the focus of our Campus Ministry. Through Campus Ministry, we offer various opportunities for the students to examine and to grow their faith, care and support is given to the needy in our campus and in the Community.

               Campus Ministry of our College is actively functioning with staff and students. Volunteers to build the fellowship among students, helps the needy, provides relief operation to the occurrence of natural calamity, daily and weekly prayer sessions.

Events of our Campus Ministry:

  • Made Contribution to the Medical Expense of our Students
  • Contributed to the Relief Operations of Jammu & Kashmir Flood Calamity.
  • Organized “Rejoice 2016” on 25th August, 2016 to enrich the happiness in Jesus Christ.
  • Every Thursday Prayer meeting at 3 to 4 pm.
  • Offers counseling to the students who are depressed with family and personal problems.





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