Anti Eveteasing Committee


Anti eveteasing committee:



            Rev. Sr. Dhanya Chackoo (Superintendent-9442336243)

Members :

1.    Dr. J. Shyla, HOD, Department of Commerce                            

2.    Mr. G. Ravi Selva Kumar, HOD, Department of Computer Science.          

3.    Dr. G. R. Sunitha, HOD, Department of English          

4.    Dr. K. Sunitha Kumari, HOD, Department of Biochemistry          

5.    Dr. W. A . Manjusha, HOD, Department of Biotechnology          

6.    Mrs. G. Vijila Helen Mary, HOD, Department of Microbiology          

7.    Dr. M. S. Sheela, HOD, Department of Chemistry          

8.    Mrs. M. L. Lima Rose, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics          

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