Department Activites

Certificate courses:

Certificate courses provided by the Department of English

1. Certificate Course on Journalism

2. Certificate Course on Mass communication

Co-Curricular Activities

            Students of our department are provided with the opportunities to explore and dazzle in various co-curricular activities.

·        Our students exhibit their literary talents by participating and winning prizes in the literary competitions organized by various other colleges.

·        They excel by bagging the overall championship in the Interdepartmental Competition conducted by our college during the Onam, Christmas and Pongal Celebrations.

·        Young blood of our department splashes forcefully to burst out their talents in the Arts Fest to bagg the Overall Championship.

·        It’s our pride that the reputation of our College heightens by the active and energetic participation of our students in snatching out Overall Championship in various Inter- Collegiate Cultural competitions.

Department Activities:

·        Literary Associations

·        Movie Presentations

·        College Library Usage

·        Notice Board Activity

·        Library visits

·        National Seminars

·        Internal Exam

·        Model exam

·        Tour





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