Rules & Regulations

To the Parents


Parents should take an active role in the Parents Teacher’s Association meeting conducted periodically for the development process of their wards.


To the Students


  1. The college has a dress code and a behaviour policy.
  2. The students have to wear their stipulated uniform.
  3. Students are allowed to wear decent and modest colour dress on Saturday.
  4. The boys are not allowed to wear low hip pants, short shirts and T-shirts.
  5. The girl students are allowed to wear sarees and chudidars with shawls.
  6. Wearing of I.D. is compulsory inside the college campus.
  7. Smoking and use of intoxicating drugs and alcohol are strictly forbidden.
  8. Ragging is strictly prohibited ON & OFF campus.
  9. Handle college property with care and respect.
  10. Damaging or vandalizing college property is liable to punishment and penalty.
  11. Students are not permitted to leave the college campus during college hours.
  12. Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited.
  13. Above all, students should not only practice and promote respect but behave appropriately towards other students, staff and the public.
  14. The College Ethos: Let your parents be proud of your behavior both in and out of the College premises.

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