Vision & Mission:

“Transformation of society through human resources”


Goals :

1) To integrate the ethics, values and principles of social work in the field work
2) To develop the students to think critically in making their professional judgments.
3) To make the pupils to understand the bio-psycho-social, spiritual and cultural background of the client and society for the effective intervention.
4) To conduct study and research works related to the various aspects of human life and their problems.


About the Department:

The Malankara Catholic College was born out of the educational vision of the Most. Rev. Lawrence Mar Ephraim, the first Bishop of the catholic Diocese of Marthandam, established on 20th July, 1998. The college started MSW 2 year course in 2006, with the perspective of preparing students for practicing  sensitive social, economic, cultural, demographic and political arenas. Now the department of social work is in the forefront of academic and field innovations and is consistently upgrading its curriculum to make the students to meet the vulnerability of social challenges.
          The department is well known for its teaching, learning, research and instructional programmes  as well as collaborative field action projects. We welcome students from different backgrounds to enrich their personal and professional life from our department.



" Transformation of society through human resources. "

" Excellence in value based Education and Research for the development of human resources. "

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