National Service Scheme, under the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports Govt. of India, popularly known as NSS was launched in Gandhiji's Birth Centenary Year 1969. The Motto of NSS "Not Me But You", reflects the essence of democratic living and upholds the need for self-less service. NSS helps the students develop appreciation to other person's point of view and also show consideration to other living beings. National Service Scheme, Unit-142,141 and 140 is actively functioning in malankara catholic college ,Mariagiri.Prof. Dr.J. Thampi Thanka kumaran is the president and Prof N.Suresh Singh is coordinator and program officer for unit 142 as well as Prof.G.Sreekanth and Mrs.T.L.Shiny  are program officer for unit 140 and 142 respectively. The members of the advisory committee include Ms.J.K.Mini Alphonse, Mr.S.R.Jegan, Ms.K.Jasmine, Dr.C.David Raj, Mr.R.Thomson, Mr.B.Sabin, Ms.Rajakumari, Dr.K.Rajaprian.


1. Ecofriendly Campus Cleaning (swachhta campaign)

2. Drug Addiction Awareness and Prevention Program

3. Campus cleaning program &Awareness Programs

4. First Year Orientation and  Stress Management Training Program

5. Off Campus program

6.Special  camp

" Transformation of society through human resources. "

" Excellence in value based Education and Research for the development of human resources. "

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