Discipline and antiragging committee



  • i) To maintain peace and order among the students
  • ii) To inculcate healthy measures in students


    Mr.Brabin Ezhil Rose (Physical director)   Mobile:-(+91-9976376930)


    Assistant coordinator:

    Mr.G.Ravi Selva Kumar (HOD, Department of Computer Science)  Mobile:-(+91-9944512896)



  • Rev.Sr.Christy (Superintendent)  Mobile:-(+91-9942336243)
  • Dr.K.Sunitha Kumari (HOD, Department of Biochemistry)
  • Dr.W.A. Manjusha (HOD, Department of Biotechnology)
  • Mrs.G.Vijila Helen Mary (HOD, Department of Microbiology)
  • Dr.M.Regees (HOD, Department of Mathematics)
  • Mrs.Sibi(HOD Department of Physics)  Mobile:-(+91-9488703439)
  • Rev.Sr.Jemma (HOD, Department of MSW)
  • Mrs.Deepa D.S (HOD, Department of English)
  • Mrs.Shyla (HOD, Department of commerce with CA)
  • Mr.N.Suresh Singh (HOD, Department of BCA)
  • Dr. Rajapriyan (HOD, Department of Geology)
  • Mrs.S.Subi (HOD, Department of Chemistry)
  • Mrs. Celin Sandhya (Librarian)
  • Mr.Jose Prasad Godwin (System Administrator)
  • Mr.Suresh (Lab Assistant, Department of Microbiology)

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