Vision :

• To provide a high quality chemistry education for the students and develop the research skills.


Mission :

• Develop and design new materials and chemical processes that lead the way to a sustainable future.


Goal :

• Understanding the behavior of matter by studying the atoms, chemical function in terms of structure.
• Understand the relationship between science and society.


About The Department

  The Chemistry department was established in 2016 as a three year UG programme. In this course we encounter some quantitative methods of chemical analysis. The department has organized symposia, refreshment course for the Benefit of Students. Chemistry provides young chemist with the vision of excellence in teaching, learning and resarch for the development of human resourses.


Programs offered

B.Sc Chemistry
M.Sc Chemistry


" Transformation of society through human resources. "

" Excellence in value based Education and Research for the development of human resources. "

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